SUMMER Book Reviews!

TSRP Book Reviews...

During the summer, for BPL's Teen Summer Reading Program, we are asking you to post book reviews online. But don't panic! We're just asking for a paragraph (four to seven sentences?) that you can type straight into our online interface.

You can REGISTER for TSRP starting JUNE 2; after you do, you can go back to where you signed up, sign in with your name and password, and start posting your reviews there right away!

These reviews DO need to be more than "I liked it!" or "Boooring!" but they don't need to be formal. Here is a good example, from Erica, who read Wake, by Lisa McMann:
WAKE, by Lisa McMann
The book is about a girl who falls into other people's dreams when they go to sleep around her. I thought the love story-line was slow and sweet, and the whole book was really compelling. I really liked that it was written from third person. One of the best parts was the author "showed and didn't tell," meaning that she would provide imagery to explain a setting instead of saying where she was. The only downside of the book was her writing style. Was I the only one who noticed that the author used a lot of unnecessary commas??? But that's probably just me. Anyway, 9 out of 10.
Notice that she...
  • told what it was about
  • commented on elements of the book (story line, third person, writing style)
  • said what she liked and disliked, and
  • gave it a rating.
Easy peasy!

Remember that the main reason we want YOU to review books online is so that other teens will read what you wrote and think, Hey, SHE liked that book, so maybe I would too! It's all about sharing your experience. So be sure to tell what it's about AND say why you liked it. (Or hated it! that's okay too.)

Once we start receiving your reviews, we will gather them together in groups (maybe by genre? for instance, "five fantasy books" or "three science fiction classics" read by Burbank teens) and post them here on the blog this summer!

We will have a series of THREE non-cumulative drawings for everyone who writes these for us. We will have one at the end of Week 2 (June 27), one at the end of Week 4 (July 11), and one at the end of Week 6 (July 25). So, in other words, you are only competing with people who wrote book reviews during each of those two-week periods (way better odds of winning!). You are welcome to write as many as you like, but your best strategy is to spread them out over the six weeks so that you make it into all three drawings! PLEASE NOTE: The calendar on the back of your brochure is WRONG--use these dates listed here for the book review drawings!

As an extra criteria, everyone who reviews a SCIENCE FICTION BOOK gets an extra chance to win. CONDITION: The book has to be one from the three book lists you received in your goodie bag. No moaning and groaning--that still gives you LOTS of choices! You can find the science fiction book lists ONLINE (in the library catalog). Look for book lists such as "Steampunk," "Superheroes and Special Powers," "Virtual Realities," and any list labeled "Science Fiction"!

Prizes will include pairs of movie tickets, See's Candy gift certificates, various gift cards, and more. We will call you if you win something, and you can pick up your prize at the Reference Desk. (Bring I.D.--we don't want somebody else to get YOUR prize!)

We hope this will be a way that you can share your summer reading finds with other teens. So type in your book reviews today!

(If you want to send us a PICTURE of you with your book, like Julia and Margaret did, feel free to email it to, and we'll post it on our Facebook page!)

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