Little Free Libraries

This summer, a wonderful (and persistent) crew of our teens built, painted, and decorated three Little Free Libraries to put in three public spaces in Burbank. We are so proud of the job they did, the skills they learned and shared, and the creativity they expressed on their LFL boxes!

The boxes have been coated with polyurethane to protect them from weather. and we have notified the Public Works Department we are ready to install them (using the lovely posts constructed for us by Mr. John Benne, wood shop teacher at Burroughs High School) in their three locations.

There is, however, a hold-up due to some red tape between City departments. Our library director has a meeting scheduled with the relevant parties next week;we'll keep you posted about our progress.

One LFL was designed to be on the Chandler bike path where it intersects Buena Vista Street; one is supposed to be located at the Metro Station on Front Street near downtown; and the third is destined for Glenoaks Blvd. at the double bus stop near the intersection of Scott Road.

The teens have painted each box thematically: The box at the bike path is adorned with genre-specific illustrations (fantasy, science fiction, and mystery); the box at the Metro has various methods of travel (everything from cars to submarines to flying carpets) with appropriate literary allusions attached to each; and the box at the bus stop shows a cross section of bus riders, and what can happen when your mind is sparked alive by reading.

Once Public Works has installed the three LFLs, we librarians and the participating teens will choose appropriate books to go in each box (we have done some research about demographics, convenient formats, language skills, and so on), and then we will be having a grand opening, to which we will invite all participating teens, their families and friends, and some dignitaries (our library director, the mayor, the library board, maybe more!) to admire our teens' diligence and enterprise. Yay for Burbank teens! Stay tuned here, and on the Facebook page, to receive notice of this grand opening event. (We will also email our LFL teams directly.)

If you'd like to see more photos of the teens in action, you can go to the photo album page of our BPL Teen Facebook page.

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