Saturday, July 15, 2017

Week #6 Reading Log Winners!

This was the last week for winning with your reading log, and here are the lucky ones at the three branches:


Eddy H. = $5 In-n-Out gift card
Yogini V. = $5 Ben & Jerry's gift card
Sungjoo Y. = AMC movie ticket

Sarkis T. = $5 In-n-Out gift card
Symera J. = $5 Yogurtland gift card
Angelo W. = $10 Target gift card

Chris A. = $5 In-n-Out gift card
Caleigh P. = $10 Barnes & Noble gift card
Aidan A. = $10 Target gift card

Thanks, everybody, for reading your way through the summer with us. And remember (here comes the schmaltz-y librarian part), the more you read, the bigger a winner you will always be! (Oh, that was so so 1950s of me...)

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