Sunday, July 23, 2017

The finale is over!

And what a time we had! It was a puzzle of an evening for our 81 participants (54 attendees, 13 cast members, two writers, eight volunteers, three staff), trying to figure out whodunnit and why! We gasped, we pondered, we ate sandwiches and cake, some of us won prizes, and we all had a crazy good time. Congratulations to our teen advisory board for pulling off another amazing event, big thanks to our volunteers for making the catering and information distribution run smoothly, bravo to our cosplayers, led by Katelyn and Lorelei, for adding to the evening, and a shout out to the teams who actually guessed who the murderer was! If you want to see photos of all the fun, go to our Teen Facebook Page, to look at the picture album!

Here's our wonderful TAB team:

Chris, Bella, (ME), Kendelle, Simone, Geneva (or vice versa),
Shushan, Angelo, Grace, Louis, Zoe, Anika, Julia, in the back,
and Aaron, Alex, Zoey, and Anarda in the front! Bravo!

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