Friday, June 9, 2017

Today's winners!

Our first week of Teen Summer Reading has passed, and we have drawn three reading log winners at each branch:

At Central:
$5 Starbucks gift card = Luvin L.
$7 Coldstone Creamery gift card = Maddie S.
$10 Barnes & Noble gift card = Emilia C.

At Buena Vista:
$5 Starbucks gift card = Catalina S.
$7 Coldstone Creamery gift card = Katelyn B.
$10 Barnes & Noble gift card = George S.

At Northwest:
$5 Starbucks gift card = Sarkis T.
$7 Coldstone Creamery gift card = Katie F.
$10 Barnes & Noble gift card = Abbie F.
Congratulations to all our winners! You can pick up your prize at the reference desk of the library where you won the prize. Be sure to bring a picture I.D. with you--we don't want to accidentally give your prize to someone else!

If YOU would like to read, write, and win, fill out your reading log and bring it to the reference desk at any branch. You can get up to three tickets per day (one ticket per item read), which go in the jar, and once a week on Fridays at noon, we draw for prizes.

If you write book reviews online at, your name will be included in three bigger drawings (one every other week starting next week), for larger prizes. Follow the summer book review guidelines, and you could be taking home a pair of movie tickets, a gift certificate for a one-pound box of See's Candy, or...?


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