Friday, June 23, 2017

The LFLs are...

The LFLs are now LFLs: Last night we assembled! I was so caught up in the various dramas (the bottoms didn't fit, mostly due to our enthusiastic three coats of paint, for one) that I forgot to take photos for the entire evening, so I grabbed this one after more than half of our team had gone home. My apologies to those who aren't in it! We will make up for it at the next sessions.

Here is almost half of last night's assembly crew for the Little Free Libraries, showing off one completed one (missing its door, which needs some touch-up before it is reinstalled).

Everybody got to try out the wood glue, the power tools, and the hammer, under the supervision of Mr. John Benne, shop teacher at Burroughs High School (center, back), who brought along all the toys and taught us to use them. Thank you, Mr. Benne! We also appreciated the able assistance from Ken Eggen, library page and (who knew?) talented woodworker (in the back at the right).

Good job, everybody! Also some real progress on finalizing the decor in between tasks.

See you all next week!

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