Sunday, June 25, 2017

Teen review: Sherlock

The Hound of the Baskervilles
by Arthur Conan Doyle
177 pages
Detective Fiction
Part of a series (Book #5)
Best for grades 7-12

Reviewed by Ravindu Gunasinghe, Grade 11

When it comes to detective novels, the first person who comes to everyone’s mind is Sherlock Holmes. The Sherlock Holmes franchise has been around for such a long time and sells thousands of books to this day.

In this book, Sherlock Holmes, a detective genius, was paid to solve the mystery behind the surreptitious death of Charles Baskerville, a friend of Dr. James Mortimer. The story is narrated from the viewpoint of Dr. Watson, who is Holmes’s assistant. As soon as they step inside the Baskerville mansion, the mystery starts to reveal itself, exposing the true nature of some of the characters in the story. After finding the footprints of a giant hound, everyone starts believing that the legend of the Baskerville hound has come to life. The Baskerville family has supposedly been under a curse since the English Civil War, when their ancestor Hugo Baskerville offered his soul to the devil for help in abducting a woman and was reportedly killed by a giant ghost hound. Sir Charles believed in the curse and was apparently fleeing from something in fright when he died. While everyone is blinded by the mythical legend, Sherlock makes his way through a lot of challenging and dangerous situations to reveal the true identity of the criminal who is behind the murders. The end of the story was definitely unpredictable and thrilling. The way that Sherlock reveals the mystery is extremely logical and realistic, and the narrative style makes the story even more interesting to read.

This is a classic book that’s praised by many readers around the world. The story contains a great plot and a great story line. The book is thrillingly realistic and most definitely will send the shivers down your spine. The only negative factor about the book is that the narrator has used a heavy style of vocabulary that might be hard to understand for some readers. But besides that, it is a great book by one of the greatest authors, and I would give it a rating of 4.5/5.

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