Thursday, June 29, 2017

Teen review: Popular fantasy

Lady Midnight
by Cassandra Clare

Reviewed by A.N. , 11th grade

Lady Midnight is the first book in Cassandra Clare's newest modern-day fantasy series, The Dark Artifices. This series explores a world where nephilim (half-human, half-angel beings) protect the world from demons, rogue creatures of the night, and faeries. The book is 668 pages and is directed towards readers in high school.

Emma and Julian are parabatai, nephilim warriors who have sworn to be each other's partner in battle until the day they die. Parabatai are bound to each other, feeling when the other is hurt and working together extraordinarily in battle. In Los Angeles, bodies have been showing up, drained of their blood and bearing markings of dark magic. Emma has been looking for the murderer of her parents for years, and the condition of the dead bodies bear a resemblance to her parents' markings when they were found. Julian's brother, Mark, was taken prisoner by the Faerie Courts when the boys were children. But an opportunity is arising for Julian to pull his family together again. Julian has been avoiding Emma for a while now, going off to another country for a month and acting cold towards her. This isn't how parabatai are supposed to act. What secret is Julian hiding from Emma?

I enjoyed this story immensely. The writing style is easy to read, giving the book its own unique flow. The story is full of descriptions that pull the reader into the story. The 668 pages fly by, making me wish the book was even longer. When one question is answered, more mysteries spring up, meaning there is never a dull moment in the book. Although many characters are introduced in this book, each one has something memorable about him or her: Emma's determination and fear of the ocean, Julian's ability to paint breathtaking portraits, their friend Malcolm the warlock and how he aids those around him in times of need. The cover is an impactful scene from the book, which is great work on its own. I rate this book five stars because its plot line is thrilling and left me fully entertained.

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