Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Book Café #1 is tonight!

If you have never been to Book Café, show up tonight and find out about everybody's favorite teen program! We're starting at 7:00 p.m. at the Buena Vista branch, in the community room. We will drink cappuccino and eat (good) cookies, we will draw on the tables (because butcher paper), and we will talk about what we're reading!

Book-talking is sort of like a movie preview: You're trying to get your audience to want to read the book, so you tell just enough of the story to intrigue them, without giving away the good parts or the ending. But you don't have to book-talk--your motivation might be to find out what books others are reading, write them all down, and check them out yourself! After all, isn't reading what summer is for?

Here are some of the perks (pardon the pun) of Book Café:
  1. If you attend three of the four sessions, you get to pick out a book from our fabulous stash;
  2. We also have drawings for books for a few lucky winners at each session;
  3. We invite authors on some nights, and you get to meet them and ask them questions and hang out with them;
  4. Sometimes we do a craft (we're doing one tonight);
  5. And this year, we are also giving a special gift to all attendees (while supplies last, so don't be tardy!).
So join us at Book Café, tonight!

Not registered for Teen Summer Reading? Go here, scroll down to "Reading by Design," and sign up. There's no obligation--you can do one thing, everything or nothing! But we have a bunch of fun activities planned for you, so don't miss out!

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