Thursday, June 1, 2017

8+9 Book Club Report

Our final meeting of the 8+9 Book Club for this (school) year was Tuesday night at Buena Vista. We met to enjoy the obligatory end-of-year pizza and to discuss Killer Instinct, by Jennifer Lynn Barnes. Only 13 of our 22 members were present, which is too bad, since it was our final meeting.

Killer Instinct is the second in a four-book series; we don't usually read sequels, but an ordering mistake when we read the first book (The Naturals) earlier in the year left us with 16 books on hand, so we ordered a few more and read it!

Everyone in the club liked the book well enough, and some gave it truly high marks. The two people who liked it less well cited "too dark" as their criticism (and since it includes stuff about serial killers, we all get that!), but everyone liked the story arc, the suspense, and the characters, and we awarded it a final score of 9 out of 10.

We have seven members of this club promoting to the 10-12 Book Club in the fall; congratulations!

Since we don't pick our book for September until August, we then went around the circle so people could say what they were reading now. Some hadn't had time to do more than finish this book, since everyone has been in the middle of finals; but many had book lists they were going to start working on, now that summer vacation is here, and some will be starting with the other two books in this series: All In, and Bad Blood.

And that's a perfect segue into a reminder to teens to sign up for the Teen Summer Reading Program, Reading by Design. If you keep track of the books you read in your reading log, you can get a ticket for each one you record, put it in the jar at any reference desk, and be eligible for our weekly drawing on Fridays for small prizes (nine winners every Friday for six weeks). If you write a book review of your book on our online interface, you will be entered in a larger drawing (six winners every other week = 18 total) for bigger prizes. So read, write, and win! this summer by signing up.

We also hope to see you at Book Café on Tuesday!

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