Tuesday, May 2, 2017

What you're reading: Top new books at BPL

These are the brand new teen books that circulated the most during the past three months at Burbank Public Library (all three branches). We thought you might enjoy seeing what's new and, out of that, what's being enjoyed by others!

Scythe / Neal Shusterman
In a conflict-free world in which humans have conquered death, it is up to the "scythes" to cull the human population. But what if you are a teenager, chosen to be a scythe, and you don't want to take lives as your day job?

The Fever Code / James Dashner
A prequel to the Maze Runner series

The Sun is Also a Star / Nicola Yoon
On the day that Natasha is 12 hours away from being deported to Jamaica, she meets David, and there is a spark. Now what?

Something In Between / Melissa de la Cruz
Jasmine is about to receive a full scholarship to college. Then she discovers that her Filipino immigrant parents are in America illegally. So--no scholarship? Deportation?!

Heartless / Marissa Meyer

Meyer's take on the world of Alice in Wonderland.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child / J. K. Rowling

In this play, Harry is now a husband and father of three, and works at the Ministry of Magic.

Three Dark Crowns / Kendare Blake
A set of triplets is born, all heirs to the throne. At the age of sixteen, they must use their formidable powers to fight one another for the crown. The one left standing will be queen.

Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy / Cassandra Clare

After his memory loss from the events in City of Heavenly Fire, Simon is at the Academy learning to be a Shadowhunter.

Take the Key and Lock Her Up / Ally Carter

This is #3 in the Embassy Row series. Grace discovers she has royal blood, which puts her life at stake.

Our Chemical Hearts / Krystal Sutherland

A quirky mix of funny and serious subjects on the way to a love story.

What Light / Jay Asher

The setting is a Christmas tree farm in Oregon and a Christmas tree lot in California. A girl falls for a troubled boy. Readers say "read it at Christmas for the full effect!"

Pasadena / Sherri L. Smith
Jude's best friend is dead, and while some are saying accident and others are saying suicide, Jude knows it was murder. Now she has to prove it.

Holding Up the Universe / Jennifer Niven

Libby is the girl known as "America's Fattest Teen." Jack is unable to recognize faces. They find each other because of a cruel joke, but they stick together for different reasons.

Everyone We've Been / Sarah Everett
Addison keeps talking to a boy who isn't there, a boy no one else sees. She's afraid she's going crazy, so she goes to a clinic, only to discover that maybe someone helped her to forget this boy.

Crooked Kingdom / Leigh Bardugo

The second book in Bardugo's duology that began with Six of Crows. More amazing than the first, and that was really good! (Melissa's opinion.)

By Your Side / Kasie Wes

Autumn and Dax accidentally get locked in the library for an entire weekend. (This would never happen. --ME) Confusing feelings arise. Etc.

Bad Blood / Jennifer Lynn Barnes

The latest (#4) in the Naturals series. If you haven't read the others, the description on this one is spoiler-y, so I'll just say, everybody seems to love this series about teenagers who become profilers for the FBI.

Of Fire and Stars / Audrey Coulthurst

Dennalaia is betrothed to the prince of a neighboring kingdom, and their marriage will seal an alliance that will protect her homeland. But she starts having feelings for the prince's sister, Amaranthine, when "Mare" is teaching her how to ride the kingdom's war horses. Uh-oh...

Carve the Mark / Veronica Roth

Deadly enemies, out of control gifts, star-crossed lovers...

RoseBlood / A.G. Howard

A modern-day spin on the Phantom of the Opera.

The Reader / Traci Chee

Sefia and her aunt, Nin, are on the run. When Nin is captured, Sefia has to consult a strange artifact she rescued from her home before they left. (It's a book, in a land where no one reads.)

The Midnight Star / Marie Lu

This is #3 in the Young Elites series.

Last Seen Leaving / Caleb Roehrig

January dumps Flynn, then she goes missing. Everyone is looking at Flynn, expecting he must know something. But Flynn is focused on his own coming of age crisis. 

King's Cage / Victoria Aveyard

This is #3 in the Red Queen saga.

Everything, Everything / Nicola Yoon

She has a rare disease that makes her allergic to the world. She's never left the house, never been in the presence of anyone but her mother and her nurse. Then a guy moves in next door, and she's suddenly thinking about everything she's been missing...

Wrecked / by Maria Padian

Jenny accuses Jordan of rape--but who is telling the truth?

United / Melissa Landers
The third book in the Alienated series: angsty teenage space aliens!

A Totally Awkward Love Story / Tom Ellen and Lucy Ivison

Two English high school students trying to lose their virginity before going away to college.

A Torch Against the Night / Sabaa Tahir

Sequel to An Ember in the Ashes.

Timekeeper / Tara Sim
An alternate Victorian world controlled by clock towers.

Seven Ways We Lie / Riley Redgate
Seven students, with seven deadly sins, and one secret...

Lucy and Linh / Alice Pung

Lucy is the daughter of Chinese immigrant refugees, trying to fit in at a posh Australian private school.

Kids of Appetite / David Arnold

Death, first love, murder, shenanigans, by the author of Mosquitoland.

Goldenhand / Garth Nix

Abhorsen #5, in which Lirael has dead creatures to battle and free magic to bind, and a new foe threatening the Old Kingdom.

Frostblood / Elly Blake

A Fireblood in a world of Frostbloods. Secrets, rebels, yadda yadda.

Be Good Be Real Be Crazy / Chelsey Philpot

Three teenagers on a road trip. Kudos for title and cover.

These are, of course, not the only new books for teens at Burbank Public Library, just the latest favorites of our teen patrons! If you want to see the rest of the new books for teens, go here. There are currently 148 new teen books!

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