Saturday, May 13, 2017

Teen review: Middle school adventure

The Candymakers and the Great Chocolate Chase
(Book #2 of Candymaker series)
by Wendy Mass
Realistic fiction/adventure
534 pages
Appropriate for middle school teens

Reviewed by S.J., Grade 6

If you have a sweet tooth, enjoy adventure, and love surprises even more, then The Candymakers and the Great Chocolate Chase is the right book for you! The Candymakers books are a series written by Wendy Mass, that fits in the genres of realistic fiction and adventure. This book has 534 pages and is geared toward readers between grades 5-8 (middle school age).

This book is a sequel, and is written from four perspectives: Daisy the fun-loving spy, Logan the son of the Candymaker, Miles the bookish map-loving boy, and Philip the stubborn violin prodigy! After the National candy-making contest at Life is Sweet, these four friends' lives are back to normal--until, that is, the Harmonicandy comes off the conveyer belt. A mysterious box addressed to Logan Sweet sent by Franklin O. Griffin arrives, holding an even more mysterious contract signed by Logan’s grandfather and four other people, talking about secret beans. The four friends are invited on a road trip to introduce the Harmonicandy to other Candy Factories! Can Logan, Daisy, Miles, and Philip figure out the mystery around the contract and the meaning behind the beans? With the stakes higher than any of them predicted, how will this Harmonicandy tour really end?

I thought this book was a really intriguing sequel to the first book, The CandyMakers. Each character’s perspective was entirely different from the others', except for their mutual love for candy! They all attach to each other in different ways, and every relationship is different! I love Miles's and Logan’s relationship the most, because they became fast friends in the first book, and the Life Is Sweet candy factory brought them even closer. But I was kind of disappointed with the character AJ. I thought that he would be better explained in the second book. because all I knew about him is that he is Daisy’s cousin who is also an awesome spy. Here we learn that AJ and Daisy are developing a brother-and-sister type of relationship, and that AJ is always up for journeys. I wished I could learn more about his background, rather than his traits.

My favorite character has got to be Daisy, because she has SO many cool spy gadgets and has SO many abilities! Being a spy means she gets to go on exciting missions and can carry 30 pound weights, swim underwater for a long time, and go undercover! Also, she is a strong, passionate, and kind person who isn’t afraid to stand up for people and put her foot down when things get out of bounds.

The cover of this book has an RV, a chocolate bar, the environment, and the outlines of the heads of Logan, Miles, Philip, and Daisy. I liked it because it featured the key factors of the book: the characters, where the book's setting would be, and that the RV is somehow important! I think this book deserves a rating of 5, because it was descriptive, action-packed, and took me on the ride the characters were going on!

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