Friday, May 12, 2017

6+7 Book Club report

This past Tuesday, 13 of us met to discuss The Graveyard Book, by Neil Gaiman, to eat pizza and snacks, and to talk about what else we were reading and what were our plans for the summer.

Everyone liked the book, and its lowest score was a 6 out of 10, with the final rating being a solid 8. Some people doubted that other people knew for sure the "nature" of Silas (Nobody's guardian), but the rest of us convinced them with a laundry list: Only goes out at night, sleeps in a big "box" lined in white satin, only wears black, doesn't eat or drink (at least not in front of people), has cold skin, is able to baffle people's minds so they forget things...yeah, he was definitely one of "those." Everybody liked Bod and his ghostly friends, some liked Scarlett while others found her a bit irritating, some liked the whole Jack story arc better than others, but everyone agreed it was an engaging story.

People's list of books they were reading was eclectic, from Percy Jackson to Stephen King. I wracked my brain for some YA horror titles, and passed along Jennifer Bosworth's newest, The Killing Jar, to Sophia (who loves horror), only to have Rhett check it out! Summer destinations were also interesting, and included both in-state, stateside, and overseas destinations. But all promised to sign up for and attend as many of our Teen Summer Reading programs as possible!

As far as we could tell (given that five people were absent), it looks like we have five members promoting to the 8+9 Club in the fall. All three clubs will have a joint meeting during August, at which we will meet new and promoting members and choose books to read to discuss at our first official meeting in September.

See you this summer!

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