Thursday, May 4, 2017

10-12 Book Club Report

Tuesday night, 18 of us gathered to discuss the last book of the school year, I'll Give You the Sun, by Jandy Nelson. I'm so glad we chose this for our last book, because the response was overwhelmingly positive. People loved the compelling three-dimensional characters, the elements of magical realism, the quirky way in which the story was told. Different people had different favorites, but everybody loved someone or something about the book, and our rating was a high 8.85.

We then went on to have a lively discussion about the television show that has been made from Jay Asher's Thirteen Reasons Why, and whether it's a good or a bad thing, and whether people are getting from the show what we readers got from the book, and whether there should have been a stronger message attached at the end about where people contemplating suicide could get help. The consensus was that the show is good, we dislike some of the flip reactions from people on social media, and we thought an 800 number at the end couldn't have hurt. It also seemed like the show was setting up for a second season, but...what would be in it? We didn't know, and thought that was a bad idea.

We were so grateful that Cami brought pizza for us to our last meeting, and enjoyed it greatly! We were also happy that she brought along friend and book reviewer Amy Sepulveda to celebrate her birthday with us.

We missed those who didn't show up, particularly wondering why those who are graduating from high school and therefore also from book club weren't at our final meeting. Here is a picture of seven of our graduating seniors; Camille and Zoey left before we had the idea to take the photo (so sorry), while Zofie, Mike, and Alice weren't in attendance. Anarda and I couldn't figure out whether Sabina is graduating this year, but we think yes. If so, we're losing 13 of our 22 members! Some of them have been with us since 6th grade, so it's a big loss. We embarrassed everyone by reminiscing about what they were like as middle-schoolers. (For one thing, most of them were a lot shorter!)

Left to right: Cami, Caleigh, Margaret, Julia, Alex, Casey, and Ryan

We're really going to miss you! Those who are staying in the area, come see us, and those who are traveling far from home (Oregon, Boston, Edinburgh!), remember that we have a plan for an Alumni Book Club once a year in August! We have loved having you in book club! We hope to see you at Book Cafe before you go.

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