Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Teen review: Hollow City

Hollow City
(Book #2 of Miss Peregrine series)
by Ransom Riggs
396 pages
Appropriate for ages 11 up

Reviewed by M.S., grade 11

Jacob Portman and his peculiar friends have escaped the clutches of their enemies, the hollowgasts and wights, and headed  for London in order to find a peculiar person who can help their caretaker,  who is trapped in the form of a bird. On their journey, they discover other groups of peculiars who assist them, and they also learn how dangerous the hollowgasts  and wights have become. While trying to protect each other and dodging death,  the group of peculiars face difficult tasks while Jacob discovers his new abilities and learns that he may lose his girlfriend, Emma, another peculiar.

Hollow City is definitely the most action-packed and stressful book of the Miss Peregrine series. With new surprises and battles to face, this book kept me entertained for the three days I spent reading it. Once again there is a plot twist, but it is even bigger than the one in the previous book. Hollow City was written beautifully and sets up the third book,  Library of Souls, perfectly. Be sure to have tissues when you read this; ­­you may need them! I highly recommend reading this book,  and I would rate it
5 out of 5.

Editor's note: These books are also available as e-books, audio books, and as graphic novels!

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