Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Teen review: Historical fiction

A Faraway Island
by Annika Thor
Realistic (historical) fiction for middle school students
Not part of a series

Reviewed by Ruthi, 8th Grade (from New Jersey!)

Two Jewish sisters, Stephie (12) and Nellie (8) Steiner, have to face a hard obstacle: They have to try to escape their hometown, Vienna, so they can be free from the Nazis. Both girls take a train to Sweden, only to realize that they will be separated and live with different host families. Nellie quickly fits into her new home, but Stephie has a hard time doing so. They both wonder if everything will work out for them, especially because they were supposed to meet their parents a while ago. Once the family met up, they would move to America..at least, this was the plan.

Over all, I think this book was captivating. It drew me in, and the author’s writing style was unique but enjoyable. I liked the book because it was realistic fiction, and the cover was one of the main reasons why I picked it. All the colors were neutral, and they blended together very well. The two girls on the cover seemed thoughtful, and it made me wonder what they were thinking. Also, the clothing they are wearing tells us a lot about them.

This book is not part of a series, but I wouldn’t mind reading a sequel! I would rate this book a 4 out of 5. It got a little confusing at some points, but was a good read.

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