Saturday, February 4, 2017

Teen review: Edgy fiction

Thirteen Reasons Why
by Jay Asher
Realistic Fiction
288 pages
Not part of a series
Appropriate for ages 15+, mature content

Reviewed by M.S. (11th Grade)

Clay Jensen finds a package with no return address on his doorstep after school one day. Upon opening it, he finds seven cassette tapes recorded by Hannah Baker, a girl who committed suicide weeks before. On each side of all the tapes, Hannah lists a person whose actions led her to kill herself, one of those people being Clay. In fear of having a second set of the tapes released by an anonymous person Hannah gave them to, the 13 people must pass them onto each other until the tapes reach the final person.

Thirteen Reasons Why is an incredibly emotional and poetic book that I could only handle in small doses. I had to force myself to finish this beautifully written novel because the stress it imposed on me was too much to handle at times. After reading it, I have found myself appreciating my friends and family even more because of the emotional trip I took while reading this book. I strongly advise everyone to read this, even though it pulls at your heartstrings and is depressing.

I would rate this novel four stars. (It would be a five, but it caused too much emotional exhaustion!)

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