Sunday, January 22, 2017

Robots at the library!

Join us at the Buena Vista Branch on Tuesday, January 24 at 7:00 p.m. for the program "From Fighting Bots to Space Rovers: The Many Worlds of the Robot"!

JPL Robotics Engineer Megan Richardson will survey the field of robotics in a talk that will feature some amazing clips of robots in action. She will explain some basic principles about what a robot is, why we build them, and how they work (vision and mobility). She will give an overview of current and possible future developments in the field of robotics, and talk a bit about how the technology developed for space is linked to new or anticipated technology advances in our daily living, like the self-driving cars that have been in the news recently.

Ms. Richardson’s specialty is designing and building robots for space exploration. She is currently working with the Curiosity Rover on Mars, leading a team at JPL that is trying to solve some recent problems with the drill mechanism. So you will get to learn something about the excitement and challenges of working in this field from someone with hands-on experience.

Ms. Richardson will be bringing along a special guest to this event: NASA’s little demonstration space rover Rov-E, who we understand will do a few tricks involving audience participation. It should be an informative and fun evening!

Please note that students who attend this program for extra credit will be given a proof of attendance sheet at the end of the program.

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