Friday, July 22, 2016

Details about Halftime Horror


Consider whether you'd like to wear a COSTUME: A letterman's jacket, a cheerleader skirt, a band uniform, a prom dress perhaps? Or, just dress to be cool and comfy if you prefer.

ALSO: Are you coming with friends? We will be TEAMING YOU UP to go out and solve the mystery, but you can make up your own team ahead of time, if you like. We won't be strict about numbers, but we want two or more, and not more than five on a team!

Please be PROMPT (the program starts at 5:00). You will enter through the SIDE DOORS to the auditorium, because the library also CLOSES at 5:00!

See you there!

Our final winners!

For our last of three BOOK REVIEW drawings (from people who wrote book reviews and posted them on our online interface), the winners are:

ALEX A. = $15 Barnes & Noble Bookstore gift card

AVERY M. = See’s Candies 1-pound gift card

CAMILLA C. = $15 Target gift card

CHRISSY V. = $15 iTunes gift card

LORELEI B. = Two AMC Gold movie tickets

NATALIE K. = See’s Candies 1-pound gift card

All the prizes are currently at the Reference Desk at the Central Library (Olive & Glenoaks). IF you would like your prize sent to another Branch (Northwest or Buena Vista), please EMAIL and I will send or take them there. If you pick up at Central, you can come immediately; but if you want your prize at Buena Vista, you must A. EMAIL and B. wait until tomorrow afternoon. Please bring a picture I.D. so the librarians know it’s you!

Congratulations for winning our book review drawing—keep reading! And consider reviewing books for this blog!

For the last of our six READING LOG drawings (tickets in the jar for every item read), the winners are:


VACHE S. = $5 In-N-Out Burger gift card 
ARCHINI N. = $10 Target gift card 
GEORGIANA N. = AMC Gold movie ticket


VICTORIA K. =  $5 In-N-Out Burger gift card  
KATIE F. = $10 Target gift card  
JEWELL D. =  AMC Gold movie ticket


RHETT H. = $5 In-N-Out Burger gift card
EMERSON L. = $10 Target gift card
ANGELO W. = AMC Gold movie ticket

You can pick up your prize at the branch where you won it, from the Reference Desk. Please bring picture I.D.

Thanks, everyone, for participating in Teen Summer Reading!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Don't miss our Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit Tournament tonight, at 7:00 p.m. at Buena Vista Branch. We have 15 teams of three teens per team signed up,
so it should be a hotly contested battle for the crown of most Potter-savvy! We'll have snacks, prize drawings, and a lot of mayhem,
so don't miss it!

For those not enamoured of all things Potter, we have other board games you can play (quietly) in the background! So come to play, come to cheer for your team, or come to hang out.

See you tonight?