Saturday, June 11, 2016

Teen reviews: Riordan bingefest continues

The Mark of Athena
by Rick Riordan
(preceded by The Son of Neptune)
586 pages
Fantasy/adventure, Greek/Roman mythology
Appropriate for all ages

Reviewed by M.S., grade 11

Jason, Leo, Piper, and Annabeth arrive at Camp Jupiter to retrieve Percy, Hazel, and Frank so they can unite the Greek demigod camp, Camp Half­Blood, and the Roman demigod camp, Camp Jupiter, and go to Greece to defeat Gaea who is trying to destroy the world. In order to unite the camps, the seven demigods must go to Rome to let Annabeth retrieve the Athena Parthenos, which was believed to be stolen by the Romans but was not. Annabeth will have to retrieve the statue herself because she is a daughter of Athena. However any child of Athena who has tried to retrieve the statue has died.

This book was probably the most suspenseful for me of any in the series. There were so many exciting battles and shocks that I could not put the book down. I loved this book so much because it was so entertaining and kept my attention for the entire week I was reading it.The detail of this book is astounding and made me feel as if I was in each perilous situation.

I would rate this book a 5.

The House of Hades
by Rick Riordan
(preceded by The Mark of Athena)
597 pages
Fantasy/adventure, Greek/Roman mythology
Appropriate for all ages (but stressful to read)

Reviewed by M.S., grade 11

Percy and Annabeth fall into Tartarus, a Hell for monsters before they can regenerate and attack mortals and demigods in the mortal world. Percy and Annabeth have to travel across Tartarus to the Doors of Death and fight anything in their way in order to return to the mortal world, while the other five members of their group have to go meet them at the Doors of Death.

This was an incredibly stressful novel. After becoming attached to the characters, it broke my heart to read their perilous journey where monsters are constantly attacking. It was still an enjoyable book but made me cry towards the end because of a particular incident. I highly recommend this novel because it depicts the beautiful bond between Percy and Annabeth and how far they are willing to go to protect each other.

I would rate this book a 5!

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Teen review: Rick Riordan binge-fest!

Editor's note: Our reviewer M.S. read a whole series (The Heroes of Olympus, by Rick Riordan) and shares her reviews with us here. We will post them sequentially, in proper reading order.

by Rick Riordan
553 pages
Adventure/fantasy (Greek/Roman mythology)
Appropriate for all ages (grade 5 up?)

Reviewed by M.S., grade 11

Jason wakes up on a bus without a single memory of who or where he is. He is with Leo Valdez and Piper McLean, who claim to be his best friend and girlfriend, and say that they are all on a field trip to the Grand Canyon. After an incident, the three are taken to Camp Half­Blood, a sanctuary for demigods and other Greek creatures, where they are told that they are all demigods. Jason, Leo, and Piper gain knowledge on their first day at this camp that the queen of the Greek Gods, Hera, was kidnapped and that they have to go rescue her and prevent a growing evil from rising and destroying the world.

Where do I begin? This book is amazing if you are a fan of fantasy, adventure, and mythology! Even if you aren’t, I am sure you will enjoy the humor, adventure and romantic aspects. This book made me feel like I was capable of great things even though I do not possess impressive powers like the main trio or this book. The writing was amazing and made me feel as if I was right next to the characters and participating in the battles.

I would rate this book a 5, since that is the limit.

The Son of Neptune
by Rick Riordan
(sequel to The Lost Hero)
513 pages
Adventure/Fantasy, Greek/Roman Mythology
Appropriate for all ages

Reviewed by M.S., grade 11

Percy Jackson is on the run from two Gorgon sisters when he stumbles upon Camp Jupiter, a camp similar to Camp Half­Blood but for Roman demigods and creatures. Percy Jackson had his memory wiped and can only remember his name and his girlfriend, Annabeth, who is in Camp Half­Blood. Upon his arrival at Camp Jupiter, Percy meets Hazel and Frank, two friends who are outcasts at the camp. He is paired that very day with Hazel and Frank to rescue Death from the clutches of an evil giant in order to prevent dead enemies from returning to the mortal world.

I actually had a bit of difficulty getting into this book and keeping interest up at certain parts. Over all, however, this book was really good--funny, and realistic when describing how certain people act and why. It is a build-up to the following books and seems like a stepping stone for the series.

I would rate this book a 4.