Friday, December 16, 2016

Two book clubs met this week

Nearly our whole roster (17 out of 22) made it to the rescheduled 10-12 Book Club this Tuesday. Thanks again to the 6+7 Club for pushing their meeting so they could!

We discussed Eleanor & Park, by Rainbow Rowell, and though some liked it very well, we were surprised to find that no one loved it quite as much as Anarda and I did, perhaps because their expectations were heightened by all the hype. Most were impressed with the level of detail on the characterizations, but didn't necessarily find the love story convincing; they couldn't believe that two who were so different would get together. These readers are tough--no willing suspension of disbelief on this one! One also commented that she was surprised Park didn't get more flack for being "the only Korean in Kansas." Everyone, of course, loathed the step-dad, and the ending was pronounced either tragic or annoying. It received a respectable rating of 7.65.

For January's discussion, we are reading Lock In, by John Scalzi, in which people with a debilitating disease that renders them completely helpless are able to move through the world either by piggy-backing in someone else's body (only people who had the disease and got over it can provide this service) or by using a "threep" mobile robot (named after C3PO). So what happens when a murder is committed and no one knows who was using what body or threep? A complex conundrum.

For February's meeting, we will be exploring a (sort of) similar story in David Levithan's Every Day, in which a person wakes up each day in someone else's body!

Other books we considered (in descending order of popularity):
The Elegance of the Hedgehog, by Muriel Barbery
Side Effects May Vary, by Julie Murphy
I'll Give You the Sun, by Jandy Nelson
Proxy, by Alex London
I'll Meet You There, by Heather Demetrios
The Handmaid's Tale, by Margaret Atwood

We meet in January on the 3rd (unless I hear from club members that they don't want to meet while still on winter break, in which case we will have a repeat of this month's scramble!).

The 8+9 Club met Wednesday night to review The Rithmatist, by Brandon Sanderson, and after more than a year of promoting that book to the club as a great read, George S. was not in attendance! Its other major fan, Brenden, held up the side, though. As did everyone else--this book was immensely popular (even with Mohammad!). Everyone liked the setting (an America made up of a giant archipelago of islands), the characters (Joel and Melody were most cited, but everyone also felt for Fitch and loved/hated Professor Nalizar), and the drawings, oh the drawings! The diagrams, the chalklings, the technical aspects and the wild ones. My grousing about unexplained phenomena was ignored, and the club gave the book a big fat rating of 9, which is the highest rated book this year! Now the wait for the sequel (due out "in 2017," which as one club member pointed out "could be next month or could be December [sigh]") begins.

Our book for January is The Naturals, by Jennifer Lynn Barnes, and although our small group of 14 (out of 24! what happened, everybody?) went home with books last night (thanks to the two who said they could raid their older siblings' shelves for this book), we are still waiting for 11 more to be delivered from the midwestern warehouse, and three to come from Amazon. So anyone who wasn't in attendance at last night's meeting, wait to hear from us before you come to pick up your copy.

For February, the group chose Jackaby, by William Ritter. Other books we considered, in descending order of popularity, were:

And Then There Were None, by Agatha Christie
Court of Fives, by Kate Elliott
Sabriel, by Garth Nix
Eragon, by Christopher Paolini
Enchanted Ivy, by Sarah Beth Durst
The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, by Ann Brashares

January's meeting (and every other meeting for winter/spring of 2017) has changed its day and date! We will see you on TUESDAY, JANUARY 24th! Same time, same place. And please look at your book club listing on our website to see the other revised dates!

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