Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Teen review: Addiction and Romance

Other Broken Things
by Christa Desir
247 pages
Romance, addiction
Not part of a series
For mature teens and adults!

Reviewed by S. L., grade 10

At age 17, Natalie is an alcoholic. After going to many parties and drinking as much booze as she can handle, things turn out for the worst. She is caught by the police for drunk driving after crashing her car and destroying a stop sign. The court gives her a DUI, sends her to rehab, and she must also do community service.

Nat doesn't care about getting better; she just wants all of this to be over so she can get back to drinking again...until she meets Joe at one of her AA meetings. Joe is much older than Nat, but they instantly become best friends. Nat falls in love with Joe, however, and she wants to be more than just friends with him.

This book is a must-read if you are going through tough times. All the characters have deep background stories about how they started drinking and how they ended up there in the story. Each character has their own opinions and advice on how to deal with addiction and alcoholism. However, this book also has romance in it, although it’s not as heavily written as some other books. The author wants people to love themselves, own up to their mistakes, and move on.

The cover of the book really goes well with the story, since it deals with the use of alcohol and addiction. I give this book five elves out of five. The book was outstanding on how to deal with addiction, teaching people that it’s okay to start over. I can’t imagine another book like this one! I recommend it to a mature crowd only, and to people who are going through this or having some difficult times.

Editor's note: First it's ghost peppers and now it's elves. Is this a hint that we need to have a visual rating system? Or are you just messing with us?

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