Friday, September 2, 2016

Teen review: Romantic sequel

Editor's note: Here is the follow-up review to S. L.'s discussion of the previous book, here. If you haven't read the first book, be warned that there are minor spoilers.

P.S I Still Love You
by Jenny Han
337 pages
Contemporary romance

Sequel to To All the Boys I've Loved Before
Recommended for high school

Reviewed by S. L., grade 10

Lara Jean is not in the mood for fun and games any more. She finally chooses Peter, out of the five boys who received her letters, and is going to stick with him for good…or so she thought. One of her memorable nights with Peter has been video taped and posted all over the internet for everyone to see, and Peter’s ex, Genevieve, is out to get Peter. Lara Jean is determined to find the culprit who posted the video, and to stop Genevieve’s plans once and for all. An added complication is that her middle school crush came to visit her and confessed his feelings for her. Lara Jean needs to choose whether to stay with Peter or run away with her middle school crush. On top of that, an elderly and friend, Stormy, is hooking her up with one of her grandsons! 
And not only does Lara Jean have to deal with all this high school drama, but she has a family to take care of, and her work at the nursing home as well. Can she handle all this pressure?

The second book of the series was even better then the first, in my opinion. The characters in the story have an array of different personalities that are sweet, funny, and relatable, although there were times when the male characters in the story made me want to face-palm. This book also contains a bunch of Easter eggs and references to other movies and books. I recommend this to readers who love love, and to women who would love a "reverse harem." I would give this book/series five Jamie Foxx Pickles out of five for making my heart scream with embarrassment and laughs.

Editor's note: We also have this as an e-book.

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