Monday, September 12, 2016

Miss the SAT?

For those of you who missed or were unable to get into our SAT Practice Test sponsored by Kaplan last Saturday, we have good news: One of our library databases now gives you a free practice option for the SATs that you can do on your own!

The Testing & Education Reference Center (TERC) education and career database includes the full-length, timed practice exams and pre-diagnostic tests for the redesigned SAT Test.

The database also offers an SAT Online Course that "prepares students for test day with expert guidance that builds both skills and confidence in the areas where most high schoolers need help."

TERC focuses on these new aspects of the updated SAT exam:

  • Knowledge and skills necessary for career /college readiness and success 
  • Real-life vocabulary and the understanding of how words can shape meaning, tone, and impact 
  • Critical thinking and foundational math skills 
All you need to access the course and the tests is a library card! It's not quite the same as the in-person experience, but it's definitely worth doing. Go here to the Research page on our websitescroll down to TERC (near the bottom of the list), click on it, put in your library card number (the one that begins with "22142" on the back of the card), and you will be able to see and access all that TERC has to offer.

And while at the moment we're directing you there for SAT practice, you should also take note of all the other high school, college, and career prep tools available to you! This is a great database.

FREE with your library card!

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