Sunday, August 14, 2016

Teen review: Realistic fiction

The Spectacular Now
by Tim Tharp
Realistic, romance
Pages: 294
Appropriate for ages 15+ (mature content)

Reviewed by M.S. (grade 11)

Sutter Keely is a teenage alcoholic who just got dumped by his girlfriend. Putting more effort into getting drunk and going to parties, he does poorly in school and has to get a tutor. His tutor is Aimee Finicky, a shy girl who has one friend and is walked all over by everyone. Sutter decides to spend more time with Aimee and try to make her more appealing, as well as continue his ways of partying.

This is a sweet story and the writing is absolutely amazing! The way Tim Tharp describes simple objects or times of days is astoundingly beautiful! The characters are realistic and easy to relate to, and I enjoyed reading it. I highly recommend this novel! I would rate it a 5.

Editor's note: We also own the audio book version of this, plus the movie, which stars (guess who) Shailene Woodley, because apparently she has to feature in every teen movie Hollywood makes!

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