Saturday, August 20, 2016

Teen review: The Divergent series

Book One: Divergent
by Veronica Roth
Genre: Science fiction
Appropriate for ages 12+

Series reviewed by M.S. (grade 11)

In a dystopian future, the city of Chicago is isolated from the rest of the world and is separated into five factions based on dispositions. At the age of 16, teenagers are allowed to choose their faction for life. Anyone who has the capabilities of more than one faction is called “Divergent,” and is considered a threat to the government. We follow Tris Prior as she learns she is Divergent and tries to hide her identity from the government.

This is an exciting book that involves a lot of action and even some romance. I enjoyed reading this book because the characters are so relateable and well described. The action scenes are well depicted and this book makes you excited for the following novels in the series. I would rate this book a 5.

Book Two: Insurgent
Pages: 525

This book begins a few hours after Divergent ended, with Tris Prior, her brother Caleb, and boyfriend, Tobias (also known as “Four”), rushing to seek shelter in a neighboring faction. They have to stay in hiding and seek help from unexpected sources in order to stay alive while the government tries to find and kill them.

This is perhaps the most boring book out of entire series. It is a book used solely to transition from the first to the third book. I had to force myself to finish reading this book so I could read the third book and understand what was happening. I would rate this book a 2.

Book Three: Allegiant
Pages: 526

Tris Prior, her boyfriend Tobias, and her brother and friends escape Chicago in order to find outside help so they can destroy the faction system and prevent more people from being killed. However, when they find the supposed help, they realize their “savior” is not at all what it seems.

This book was a bit boring. I had difficulty keeping my attention on the book and took months to finish reading it. This book, however, redeemed itself with an ending that was equally satisfying and disappointing. I cried when I finished this book because its ending was realistic, yet I wanted an idealistic ending. I would rate this book a 3.

Book Four: Four
Pages: 304

This book is the backstory of the character Tobias “Four” Eaton. It describes his life with his abusive father and his experience with leaving his home faction for another, as well as his side of his relationship with Tris Prior.

This book helps put some things from the other books into perspective and sheds light on certain situations. It answers questions that I had when reading the other three books and is very enjoyable. I would rate this book a 4.

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