Thursday, August 25, 2016

Support your musical friends!

This Saturday, August 27, at 10:30 a.m., the library is hosting a program called "All That Jazz," a combination workshop and music appreciation session with Bay Area jazz band Charged Particles.

As part of the workshop, which is free, a group of students from various schools in Burbank will sit in with the band for a number or two in the middle of the workshop! They are:

Ian Scott (guitar) – from Kevin Adamson’s Music Club at Monterey High School
Bono Cowan (guitar) – from Kevin Adamson’s Music Club (ditto)
Brian Cook (saxophone) – from Michael Stanley’s high school jazz band (Burbank High School)
Aidan Smith (drums) – from John Whitener’s big band at Jordan Middle School
Noah Semsen (trombone) – from John Whitener’s big band
Dorian Farr (bass) – from John Whitener’s big band

Luke Sterling (alto saxophone) – Roosevelt Middle School

This program is for teens in grades 6-12 only. It's at the Buena Vista branch, in the auditorium, and will run from 10:30 to about noon (depending on questions etc.). We apologize that the flyer says 11:30 while the website says 12:30, and have reached a compromise with the band. While adult family members may not attend the whole workshop, if you will arrive at about 11:25, we will let you into the auditorium to see your children play with the band, and then we will continue on with the teens in the workshop until it is over. We appreciate your patience and cooperation.

Teens who are playing, please note: Your rehearsal is at 9:30, and you will need to come to the auditorium door (to the right of the main entrance, under the arches) to be admitted. (The library doesn't open until 10 a.m.)

For other interested patrons, Charged Particles will also give a free jazz concert at 3:30 in the afternoon (same location), and everyone is welcome to attend.

So please talk up both programs, and you teens who are music lovers (or who want to be) come out to learn how to get the groove, find the funk, add melody and harmony, and then improvise! In other words, find out what JAZZ is all about! 

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