Saturday, July 2, 2016

Six Word Plots

People do this with movies too, but this one
would work for either the book or the movie!
We played a fun game at last week's Book Café. We put up cards on each table with Six Word Plots--wherein people describe the plot of their favorite (or a) book in only six words. My favorite is "Ethnically diverse group returns defective jewelry." Can you guess what book that is?

So first we challenged the teens in attendance to guess the books from their six-word descriptions; if they guessed one, they got to pick a book from our accumulation of ARCs (advance reader copies). Then we challenged them to write some Six Word Plots of their own! Here are a selection--see if YOU can guess any of them. (People wrote these on the butcher paper covering the tables, and didn't identify themselves, so we can't say who wrote them--but good job, whoever you are!)

Hints: Some of these are classics, and some are contemporary YA fiction; and the last four are all the same book!

Aristocrat falls overboard, saved by fishermen.

Desegregation begins and girl meets girl.

Teenage zombie hunter trains with brother.

Planet dying, live in video games.

Heavily tattooed man, tattoos tell stories.

Man steals bread, begins new life.

The American Dream: unobtainable and deadly.

The name Ernest is very popular.

Everyone's in love with Ryan Dean.

Adorable dead boy gets minimal screentime.

Teenager missing her mother fights demons.

Treasure hunter, save brother, jade skin.

Cute boy has vendetta against shoes.

Antisocial boy is obsessed with feet.

Rock murder leads to lifelong "friendships."

Best friends go stargazing in desert.

You can email the answers (if you guess any or all of them) to If you do, there could be a book light or some earbuds in your future! And if this inspires you to think of your own Six Word Plots (it's kind of addicting, once you get started), email them to, and we'll publish yours here too!

Remember that we have more Book Café sessions this summer, on the next two Wednesday nights! Next week our visitor will be Michelle Gagnon, author of Don't Turn Around, Don't Look Now, and Don't Let Go, and week after next it's Robyn Schneider, who wrote The Beginning of Everything, and Extraordinary Means. Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m. at the Buena Vista Branch!

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