Friday, July 1, 2016

New book lists! Actual and virtual

We have new book lists in the library, and also a couple that you can access directly in our catalog!

We have made "genre" book lists for the library, with two genres apiece. There are: Sci Fi / Fantasy, Historical / Realistic (including magical realism), Romance / Paranormal, and Mystery / Suspense paired with Nonfiction.

The other feature of these book lists is that they have two sides, and there are selections for each genre for both middle school readers and high school readers, so you are always able to find something age-appropriate!

All these book lists are available in the teen section at each branch.

In addition, we have created a "Sports" book list that has short stories and fiction for teens, including most major and a few minor sports; and we also made (just for the fun of it) an "Angels" book list with the (surprisingly) many books incorporating angels into their story lines, again for grades 6-12.

Those you can also find in print in our teen sections, or you can access them directly online from our catalog (and place them on hold if you want!). Here is Sports, and here is Angels. We hope you find something fun to read on one/some of these lists over the summer!

Don't forget to write down everything you read in your reading log, and bring it to the reference desk for tickets! We'll be drawing a new set of prizes (three from each branch) today (Friday) at noon, so get in here for your chance to win!

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