Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Halftime Horror was awesome!

Mysterious mayhem ensued after the library closed on Saturday night, when it magically turned into AGATHA CHRISTIE HIGH, the site of the BIG GAME and...foul play!

Fortunately for Principal Rendell, there was an FBI agent in the house, to watch her darling nieces play b-ball. With the help of Agent Robin Wayne and Police Detective Montgomery, the crowd of basketball supporters were deputized to SOLVE THE MURDER of star player Celeste Mortimer! There were weapons, there were clues, there were suspects and people in the know to interview! There were halftime refreshments! There was CAKE. And PRIZES.

And at the end of it all...it was CAROLINE, with a SCARF, for the SCHOLARSHIP!

Many KUDOS to our fabulous Teen Advisory Board for pulling this off. To the WRITERS of scripts, characters, and clues (special thanks to Anika and Julia, who herded things along), our decorations committee, and our Crest workers and librarians! And of course, many TAB members did double duty, memorizing their roles for the evening's activity as...


Coach Selena Tyson (Za)
Michael Garrison (Chris)
Harold Raubenheimer (Aaron)
Caroline Calamari (Abbie)
Danielle Fleming (Raquelle)
Elyse Green (Shushan)


FBI Agent-Host (Zoey)
Detective-Host (Alex)
Kevin Myrick (Ian)
Stephanie "Poison Pen" McKeel (School Reporter) (Bella)
George Santana (Michael’s Henchmen) (George)
Suzy Cullen (The girl whose leg got broken and is now on crutches) (Megan)
Principal Rendell (Melissa)
Basketball players (Jazzmin, Jordyn, Katelyn, and Lorelei, who backed up Kendelle and Raquelle)
The victim, star player Celeste Mortimer! (Kendelle)

With Anarda as "librarian," and Columbo Matlock (Hubert) and Veronique Poirot (Laura) as "school staff."

WHAT A PRODUCTION! To see a bunch of pictures (more to come next week when George and his camera get back from camp!), go to our Facebook photo album!

It was a great way to end GAME ON!, our teen summer reading program. Thanks to everyone who produced, and everyone who played!

A side note: We announced the WINNERS of the Game On! Trivia Challenge on Saturday night. First place went to Angelo Waterhouse, second place to Julia Vinyard, and third place to Rhett Hemingway. Great OPAC work, all of you! The prizes were $35, $30, and $25 Amazon gift cards. Don't you wish YOU had done the Trivia Challenge?

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