Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Makerspace Options!

Wondering what MAKERSPACE is all about? We provide crafty opportunities for you, and you get to choose what to make! Here are three of the MANY things you could make at our Makerspace Event this Friday at 3:00 at the Central Library.



Yes, we still have lots of Altoids boxes! Make an emergency kit!
Sewing, earbuds, snacks, bandaids and can thematically
ModPodge the outside to decorate it!


You could decorate a SWITCH PLATE for your room...using SHARPIES!


You could make a refrigerator MAGNET out of a flat "marble," some ModPodge,
and a cool picture! (Bring a picture with you if you have something specific in mind.)

We have a few more ideas up our sleeves as well...or you could just grab random items and make it up yourself! That's why we call it Makerspace--are you game?

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