Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Finding new books!

Do you know where the new books "hide" in our library catalog? Did you know you can see all the brand-new books in one list there?

Here's the long way:
Go to our website:
Click on the pull-down menu under "I WANT TO" and choose "find a book."
This will take you to our catalog.
Look over to the RIGHT, and you will see a box titled "Library Info."
Click on the second item, "New Library Items."
Click on "New Young Adult Books."

Or you can use this handy LINK I made to take you to the LAST window, where all you have to do is click on "New Young Adult Books" to see the (current number) 232 new teen titles!

If you're not interested in brand-new books, but you ARE interested in particular kinds of books (like a certain genre, for instance), you can follow the first steps but click instead on the FIRST item, "Have You Read?" and then on "Teen Booklists" to find lists of fantasy, historical fiction, dystopia, mystery, zombies, whatever you need! Here's a direct LINK to those lists.

Or, if you're old-school, come to the library and pick up some actual book lists--we have brand-new bookmarks featuring reading suggestions in eight different genres, divided into middle school and high school levels, in our teen sections starting this week! (You can also get them at Book Café TONIGHT!)

Check out one (or more) book today, to READ, WRITE, and WIN! Get a ticket for every book you read and put it in the jar at the reference desk to be in our every-Friday prize drawing. Write a book review and be entered in our every-other-Friday drawing for larger prizes! 

Reading makes you a winner at the library this summer!

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