Monday, May 9, 2016

Teen review: Realistic fiction

My Life with the Walter Boys, by Ali Novak, is 354 pages long. It is realistic teen fiction for tweens/teens. I am a junior in high school, and it was definitely an easy read, maybe a little young for me. It is not part of a series.

Basically, this girl Jackie, who is very organized and driven, loses her family in an accident and is left to live with the hectic and lively family, the Walters. This family is huge (10 boys and one girl), and Jackie has trouble translating her organized life into this chaotic, messy family. The boys can sense how different she is, and at first they go to great lengths to prank her and call her stuck up. But slowly she breaks down these barriers and forms close relationships with most of the family.

The boys are all very attractive, and one really catches her eye, but she is afraid, after the death of her family, that now is not the right time. When Jackie is around this boy, he convinces her to do these impulsive things to try and get her to live a little and stop worrying so much about being perfect and about her future. Jackie is too scared to fall for him, and instead finds herself with another Walter boy. This causes a lot of complications in the family and reveals not only the boys’ past but also how they really feel about everything that happened between them.

I won't spoil the end because I think this book is worth reading. Personally I found her conversation and friendships with the girls at school to be surface and young; it was clear the real relationships were being developed at the house. I love a teen book with a romantic plot, and this book definitely delivered on that without being too sappy. Over all, cute and a fun book to read; I give it a 4/5.

The reviewer wishes to remain anonymous.

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