Thursday, March 24, 2016

Teen review: Graphic Novel

Gotham Academy, Vol. 1:
Welcome to Gotham Academy
by Becky Cloonan, Brenden Fletcher,
Karl Kerschl (Illustrations)
160 pages
Graphic Novel: Superhero/ Mystery
Recommended for 9th grade and above

Reviewed by Emma F., grade 11

Gotham Academy. by Becky Cloonan, Brenden Fletcher, and Karl Kerschl, is about Olive Silverlock, who comes back from summer break with amnesia. The amnesia affects her whole life, making her break up with her boyfriend Kyle, and shut out everyone in her life. Olive is put in charge of showing the new student, Maps Mizoguchi (her ex-boyfriend's little sister) around the campus, which she begrudgingly does. In the end, they start solving different mysteries as they go, like the case of the mysterious ghost that’s haunting the halls, and the secret society that seems to be performing seances.

This is one of my favorite graphic novels, and it’s always the one I recommend to people I'm trying to get to like comic books. I have recommended this to all my friends, and they enjoy it just as much as I do. The artwork is amazing, and the detail that is put into each panel is astounding. Olive is really interesting, because, she is such a cold character, yet at the same time she isn’t. I usually don’t like characters like her, but the writers made it work. She’s more of an anti-hero, while Maps is like a hero. There are a lot of mysteries in the series, and whenever a new one is solved, they find another. Gotham Academy also interweaves heroes and villains from the DC universe, but they are portrayed so differently that some are unrecognizable.

The cover art is fantastic, with Olive, and Maps climbing up a rope in the clock tower, with the outline of bats flying up. I recommend this graphic novel to anyone who is interested in starting to read comic books. Overall this graphic novel gets a 4/5!

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