Sunday, March 6, 2016

Teen review: Fantasy and Romance

The Kiss of Deception
by Mary E. Pearson 
497 pages
Book 1 of The Remnant Chronicles
Recommended for 9th grade and up

Reviewed by Emma F., grade 11

Princess Lia is the first princess of the country, and being the first princess she is betrothed to the prince of the neighboring country. Lia, wanting true love and freedom, runs away on her wedding day, to live the rest of her life as a commoner. Everything goes fine until two mysterious strangers arrive at the tavern where she works. Unbeknownst to her, she meets the prince she left at the altar, and the assassin sent to kill her.

When I first started this book, I thought that one book would suffice, and that any more would be overkill. I only kept reading the book because it had a nice cover. After reading the first 200 pages, the author delivered the biggest plot twist (which I did not see coming), which changed my whole outlook on the entire book. I was so shocked that I reread earlier parts to fully understand what had happened, and I went out to Barnes and Noble to buy the second one (it wasn't out yet). I admit, the book starts out slow, with the cliche of the unwanted arranged marriage, and the love triangle. Yet, as the book progresses it gets better and better. The book switches perspectives between the three characters (Princess, Prince, Assassin), which I usually don’t like but it worked really well in this book.

I give this book a 4.5/5 for the compelling characters, the major plot twist, and the aesthetically pleasing cover. I don’t give it a 5/5, because it takes a while to get to the climax. I recommend this book for people who like fantasy, and enjoy romance as well.

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