Saturday, March 26, 2016

Teen review: Dual story-telling

In the Shadows
by Kiersten White
Illustrations by Jim Di Bartolo
384 pages
Fantasy /Historical
Stand-alone book
Recommended for 9th grade up

Reviewed by Emma F., Grade 11

In the Shadows, by by Kiersten White (Author) and Jim Di Bartolo (Illustrator), simultaneously tells two stories about the sisters Cora and Minnie who live in a secretive town, and two brothers named Thomas and Charles, who are visiting. This book deals with the idea of immortality, and interweaves two different stories that seem unrelated until you finish the book.

The cover art is beautiful, giving the mystical feeling that is ever-present while reading the book. The shadow of a man and outline of the women also makes it really cool. Jim Di Bartolo’s artwork is beautiful, and is able to depict the the second story remarkably well even without the use of words. I also enjoyed all the characters that were incorporated into the book. There were many, so it was a little hard to keep track. The book is very climactic, and keeps on making you think: What will happen next?

I loved this book so much that I made my mom read it, and she liked it so much that she included it for her 8th grade class. Unfortunately the 8th graders in the class disliked this book, because it was “confusing.” The confusing part was probably that the written story and the illustrated story are completely different until the end.That’s why I recommend 9th graders and above to read this book, because it’s for a more mature audience. One of the main reasons I read this book was because Kiersten White contributed to it. I loved her Paranormalcy series, and I recommend the series to anyone who loves supernatural novels.

This book get’s a 5/5, because the authors used a mixture of media to tell a compelling and unique story.

Editor's note: Although we have her Paranormalcy series and several other books by Kiersten White, Burbank Public Library does not own this one; but based on Emma's review, we will buy a copy!

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