Monday, March 21, 2016

Teen review: Contemporary fiction

Audrey, Wait!
by Robin Benway
314 pages
Not part of a series
High School reading level

Reviewed by J. N., grade 12

Audrey, Wait! is a 2009 novel about 16-year-old Audrey, who breaks up with her boyfriend Evan, an aspiring musician in an unknown local band called the Do Gooders. After that happens, Evan writes a song called "Audrey, Wait!" referencing their break-up. It starts off with little popularity, getting played at local venues, but then suddenly it makes its way onto the Billboard Hot 100 list! Everyone becomes curious about Audrey, and she gains fame and popularity herself, much to hers and her friends' disdain. The fame that comes along with being the subject of the Do Gooders hit song puts a strain on Audrey's relationship with her friends, family, and a new love interest.

I picked up this book with the impression that this would be just like any other teenage novel. The first page was filled with clever, funny dialogue and I was immediately hooked. This book instantly became one of my favorites. Each and every character has a unique personality and is impossible to dislike. The story is filled with feel-good humor and is never boring, I started feeling attached to the characters and the story line. I would recommend this book to someone in high school, with an odd sense of humor and a liking for a modern-day cutesy romance.

I give this book a 5/5 because of the uniqueness and humor of the characters and storyline, and because it was impossible not to feel satisfied by the end of the book.

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