Monday, February 1, 2016

Teen review: Introducing Darth Zannah

Darth Bane: Rule of Two
by Drew Karpyshyn
318 Pages
Science Fiction/Fantasy
Part of the Star Wars: Legends continuity of novels, Darth Bane Trilogy

Reviewed by Michael Zhang, Grade 12

In Rule of Two, set 10 years after the first book in the Darth Bane Trilogy, we find Bane as an impulsive, enraged, and powerful villain, in the prime of his life. Whereas the Bane in the first novel, Path of Destruction, was developing as a character into the villain we suspect he becomes, Bane in Rule of Two is a scheming, devious villain, a Master of the Dark Side, and like every Master of the Dark Side of the Force, Bane has an apprentice.

Darth Zannah is the exact opposite of the physical powerhouse that is Bane, eschewing the brute force of her Master for a more arcane approach to power, favoring the dominion of the mind and psyche over the power of the physical self. Serving as a perfect complement to her Master, they wield opposite spectrums of the Force to great effect. We see much of the novel from Zannah’s eyes, and she emerges as a strong female protagonist, never needing to be saved by her Master, and approaching, or even exceeding, his power in several instances.

I liked this novel a lot, even more than Path of Destruction. It’s a worthy sequel, and Karpyshyn significantly improves on his prose. A standout part of the book is the epic battle scenes, and while I’ve avoided plot details in much of my review, I will say that the climax of the novel is not to be missed.

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