Friday, January 8, 2016

Teen review: Horror

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
by Robert Louis Stevenson
123 pages
Horror / Science Fiction
High School reading level

Reviewed by Criselin, grade 12

This book is all about Dr. Jekyll. He makes a potion to turn himself into another personality, Mr. Hyde, but it turns out to be an evil personality who kills. If the author were still alive, I would want to ask him:
  • What is the purpose for which Dr. Jekyll made the potion?
  • What if Dr. Jekyll found a solution to stop Mr. Hyde?
The cover of the book I read is good, but some other versions are not attractive to me because they are old-fashioned. I would rate this story 4 out of 5, because the author created a character that caught my attention, and the book scared me and entertained me also. This is the first time I have read a book that is about transforming a person from good to evil. The deaths in the book made me sad, and I also felt badly for Dr. Jekyll as Mr. Hyde got stronger, more aggressive and evil. Dr. Jekyll had no idea how to stop the evil thing, all he could do was hide from his friends. I believe that all people are born good, but it depends on the person whether he wants to be good or bad. But the potion in this story changed that.

Editor's note: Criselin didn't send a picture of which cover she liked, and there are many versions! Here are some of the old and weird ones, as well as a new, graphic novel version, which looks pretty cool--we'll have to order that! The library has many editions of this book, including audio, plus the movie version.


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