Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Teen review: Gone!

by Michael Grant
560 pages

Science fiction / Horror

Reviewed by George S., grade 8
Gone is a young adult novel that takes place in the fictional Perdido Beach, California, which has a large nuclear plant. One day, everyone 15 years old and above disappears without a trace. The whole city is surrounded by a huge barrier that no one can see through or penetrate. Everyone on the inside needs to work together in order to preserve the city until their hopes of the adults returning are fulfilled. However, after this tragedy occurs, certain individuals begin to develop fascinating powers beyond imagination.

Gone had lots of action. Although some of the violence was unnecessary, it was still worth reading. I felt bad that due to shortages of people working to preserve the city, a lot of people were being overworked. Some people in the book just didn’t care about others. I would rate this book 4 out of 5 stars mainly because of the repetitive violence that really didn’t need to take place to move the story along.

Editor's note: Burbank Public Library owns multiple copies of the whole series, six books. Here is a review after I read the next-to-last in the series.

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