Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Teen review: Another book in the series

Editor's note: We don't usually publish reviews of sequels, but we have published SO many reviews of the book Uglies, by Scott Westerfeld, that I asked George if he would send a review of one of the other books instead. Here it is!


by Scott Westerfield
Second in a series of four books
Science fiction / dystopian

Reviewed by George S., grade 8

In the 384-page novel Pretties, by Scott Westerfield, Tally Youngblood finally becomes pretty. She joins a clique called the Crims, who are Pretties that focus on doing tricks just like the Uglies do. However, their party gets crashed by Uglies, and Croy, an old friend from the smoke, arrives. He says he will leave something for Tally at Valentino 17. When Tally and her new boyfriend Zane go to Valentino 17, they discover he has left them a cure. Tally and Zane become cured of the lesions that make them so-called “pretty-heads,” and they find they want to leave behind their home and take along the Crims to complete the impossible: Escape!

I enjoyed the other books of the series more than I did Pretties, my least favorite. Tally and Zane get cured, and then what do they do for the next 150 pages? They just sit around thinking about their love, and then all of a sudden Tally says, “Hey, Zane, I’m tired of this old dump, let’s escape.” That summarizes basically the entire book. Scott Westerfield made this book very slow; there is almost no action! And half of the time Tally and Zane will kiss each other, or Shay will get angry at Tally. I would rate this book 3 out of 5 stars just for this extremely disappointing lack of action. I would recommend that you get through this book so you can read Specials, because in Specials Scott Westerfield redeems himself.

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