Thursday, January 14, 2016

Book Club Report!

All but one attended this month's 6+7 Book Club, so it was a noisy discussion (with 18 teens plus two librarians) of SYLO, by D. J. MacHale. This book proves that there is no predicting affinity for a book by gender; by reading a description of this book (football players, action, military, explosions, male protagonist), most people would say "boy book!" but (at least for our club) they would be wrong! None of the boys in the club (and there were six present) were more than tepid about it, while more than half of the girls (seven or eight out of the 13) were enthusiastic fans!

Positive remarks: People liked the characterizations, especially that of Tori and the best friend/sidekick Quinn. Negative remarks: The way the book was written seemed either "dead ahead" or "dead," with a choppy execution. Also, everyone (fans too) was frustrated by the cliffhanger ending. Two people had already read the second book, which finally reveals some answers to the questions posed in the first, and one was halfway through the third book in the series. The book was rated 6.75, with five people giving it a 10 out of 10, and five people down in the 4-3-2 area.

Next month's book is The Looking Glass Wars, by Frank Beddor, and in spite of its Cylon-like guys on the cover, the fact that it's based on Alice in Wonderland led Harrison to make a remark about boy books vs. girl books (as in, "we read too many girl books") that had all the girls hopping mad. A spirited exchange ensued, and the upshot was that the girls took their revenge by voting as a bloc for the club to read The Princess Diaries, by Meg Cabot, in March. We told the boys to keep an open mind!

Other books we considered:
The Boy Who Dared, by Susan Campbell Bartoletti
The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, by John Boyne
Deep Blue, by Jennifer Donnelly
A Long Walk to Water, by Linda Sue Park
The Kingdom Keepers, by Ridley Pearson
The Eighth Day, by Diane K. Salerni
The Rithmatist, by Brandon Sanderson
Chasing Forgiveness, by Neal Shusterman

Our next meeting is on Tuesday, February 9.

Our book for 8+9 Book Club was Gone, the first in a six-book series by Michael Grant. There were a variety of reactions from the 16 people present--a couple of people said they liked it well enough to read the whole series, while others were turned off by the viscerally horrifying descriptions of events, people, and creatures! The ratings for the book tended to cluster in the middle (5-8), with the final rating being 6.75.

For our next meeting, which is Wednesday, February 10, we are reading Splintered, by A. G. Howard, also a retelling of Alice in Wonderland, for older readers.

A new nomination, The Raven Boys, by Maggie Stiefvater, narrowly beat out The Fifth Wave, by Rick Yancey, for first place, so that will be our March book.

Others we considered, in descending order of number of votes:

Etiquette and Espionage, by Gail Carringer
The 5th Wave, by Rick Yancey
Far, Far Away, by Tom McNeal
Tiger Lily, by Jody Lynn Anderson
October Sky (formerly published as Rocket Boys),
          by Homer Hickam
Famous Last Words, by Katie Alender
Don't Look Back, by Jennifer Armentrout
Every Soul A Star, by Wendy Mass
Heist Society, by Ally Carter
The Shadow Society, by Marie Rutkoski

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  1. Some other books mentioned in passing were Maureen Johnson's series of paranormal mysteries set in London, called [haha!]Shades of London and starting with The Name of the Star -don't judge this book by its odd cover- and The Naturals series by Jennifer Barnes. Anarda then was moved to suggest The Raven Boys, first in a series that has paranormalacy, a mystery, a murder, mythology and a whiff ofNew Age woo woo-ness- as well as hot guys in hot cars! Wow! And that is the book we voted to read next!