Saturday, July 25, 2015

Teen review: Fantasy and vendetta

Elementaro, by David Vos, is a 201-page fantasy novel that follows Aiden and David, two teenage boys who lead spectacularly uneventful lives. Elementaro is the first book in the series, but the other books have not yet been published. The book could be middle to high school reading level but is enjoyable for anyone interested.

MIT-bound David is always creating new gadgets and taking care of his little sister, Verada, or “V,” since their abusive, alcoholic father is utterly incapable of this encumbering task. David is fed up with his life in his home town and cannot wait until the end of the summer when he can move to Massachusetts with his best friend, Aiden--until he discovers that he is a Cronotian. Aiden’s parents wait until the morning after his grad night to tell him they are Elementaros--a special kind of people who can control the elements based upon their emotions. Aiden finds out that the Elementaros and their rivals, the Cronotians, have a bitter vendetta that has lasted longer than anyone can remember.

This busy adventure novel will keep any reader entirely enthralled for days. This is a unique story of friendship and war, and will speak to any reader who picks it up. Readers will be glued to this book full of suspense and some annoying but necessary cliffhangers, even after they finish it. Despite it being a fantasy, it is easy to relate to the characters because of their wonderful development. It is clear that Vos spent a great deal of time getting each personality and quirks just right while connecting many things throughout the story. Readers who are fans of the Percy Jackson series will thoroughly enjoy this breathtaking novel.

Reviewed by Amy Sepulveda, grade 10

Editor's note: Elementaro is not in our library catalog, and in fact we are unable to purchase it through our library vendor. But Amy says you can get it through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Maybe an appropriate use of one of those B&N cards you win from Burbank Public Library during Teen Summer Reading???

Friday, July 24, 2015

Week Six Winners!

TEEN MEETUP IN THE BURB ends TONIGHT! We hope you will be joining us for OPEN MIC NIGHT and KARAOKE at the Buena Vista Branch at 6:30 p.m.! (Tell parents to pick you up at 8:45, please).

But meanwhile...we have the results of our last READING LOG and BOOK REVIEW prize drawings to announce!

For this week's READING LOG DRAWING, the winners are...

Georgiana N. -- $5 Pinkberry card
Eileen K. – $5 Ben & Jerry’s
Mohammad D. – $10 Wahoo’s card

Katelyn B. -- $5 Pinkberry card
Sandi A. – $5 Ben & Jerry’s
Nick W. – $10 Wahoo’s card

Grigor M. -- $5 Pinkberry card
Valentina T. – $5 Ben & Jerry’s
Tyler N. – $10 Wahoo’s card

You can retrieve your prizes from the Reference Desks at the CENTRAL LIBRARY or BUENA VISTA BRANCH--the NORTHWEST BRANCH is CLOSED next week, but we can send your prize to either of the other branches, so email

For this week's BOOK REVIEW DRAWING, the winners are...

Katelyn B. = $15 Target Card
Camilla C.  = Two AMC movie tickets
Marion H. = $20 B&N card
Evelyn R. = $15 Target Card
Grigor Y. = Two AMC movie tickets
Natalie K. = 1 lb. See’s Candy


You can retrieve your prizes TONIGHT at Open Mic Night at Buena Vista, and thereafter at BUENA VISTA BRANCH at the Reference Desk! If you wish to have the prize sent to the Central Library, email! Keep in mind that the NORTHWEST BRANCH IS CLOSED NEXT WEEK!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Meetups this week!

This is the LAST WEEK of "Teen Meetup in the Burb," and we have two more cool programs in store for you:

Buena Vista Branch, 7:00 p.m.

This is the LAST Book Café,
and it's going to be a special one. First of all, those of you who have attended three of the four sessions will be able to pick out your FREE BOOK from our fabulous stash. Don't worry, those of you who have NOT attended, we do have some consolation prizes and a drawing that will include you!

What makes this session MOST special, however, is that we have two awesome YA authors coming to hang out with you:

GRETCHEN McNEIL, who wrote Ten, 3:59, and other books (see her website here), and JOHN COREY WHALEY, who won the Printz award for his book Where Things Come Back, and also wrote Noggin! (His website is here.) So be thinking of questions you want answered by these two! And if you have time, maybe read one of their books?


Buena Vista Branch, 6:30 p.m.

Everybody is always begging for Open Mic Night, so we're hoping to have a large group of performers ready to do their thing, as well as a large contingent prepared to be their audience! This is where the whole summer comes together--we hope you will share the six-word memoirs, flash fiction, and mystery stories you wrote, that you will bring your sketchbooks to show off, and that those of you who play an instrument, write poetry, tell good jokes, dance, or whatever else will share them with US! Otherwise, bring your friends with whom you want to sing karaoke! We will have a machine and music available!

This is AFTER HOURS at the Buena Vista Branch, so if you don't get there before the library closes at 6 p.m., then come to the side door of the auditorium and we'll let you in! Please let your parents know that pick-up will be at 8:45.

If you want to perform, please email and let us know your name, email address, phone, and what you want to perform! (for instance "play my trumpet" or "do stand-up comedy"). That way we can arrange it so we don't have five guitar players one after the other!

There will be a prize drawing at Open Mic Night for all teens registered for Teen Meetup in the Burb!

And don't forget: One more reading log drawing, and one more book review drawing on Friday at noon! So get those reading logs filled up and those book reviews posted!

Will we see YOU at the library this week?

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Teen Review: More of Savannah Reid

Sugar and Spite
by G.A.McKevett
278 pages
Adult mystery series
Recommended for grade 10 and up

Reviewed by Kayla, grade 11

Valentine’s Day is approaching and Savannah is trying to enjoy the decorations and the candy. But when her ex-police partner Dirk Coulter is blamed for a crime that he says he didn’t commit, Savannah is on the trail of yet another mystery. This time it’s not looking very hopeful for Dirk, as Savannah runs into one dead end (no pun intended) after another. So she brings in her friends--Ryan and John, Tammy, and a young, aspiring detective named Jake--to help her take down the real killer. Can she do it before Dirk gets into real trouble??

So I’ve already raved about the characters, and the plots. Now I’m going to talk about the names. The name of this one is Sugar and Spite. If you’ve read any of these books so far then you know all about Savannah’s love of sweets and food in general. Therefore, Sugar and Spite is more than appropriate. Some other names are as follows: Murder A La Mode, Peaches and Screams, Buried in Buttercream, and Corpse Suzette. There are many more but I put a few of my favorites. Everyone should read these books at least once!!

I rate this book as a 5.

Editor's note: McKevett has a love of puns as well as sweets!