Monday, December 14, 2015

Teen review: Paranormal abilities

The Girl Who Could Fly
by Victoria Forester

Reviewed by M.S., grade 10

The novel The Girl Who Could Fly was written by Victoria Forester and has a sequel which recently came out. This novel is 328 pages long and is fantasy fiction. I think that anyone ages 9+ can enjoy this book and understand its content.

Piper McCloud is a five-year-old girl living in Lowland Country with her parents on a farm. Ever since she was young, she had been able to hover a few feet off the ground. Her parents tried to keep her power a secret, but one day Piper exposes her ability, and word gets out. Piper is found by the government and sent to I.N.S.A.N.E., a school for children with extraordinary abilities like super strength, weather control, and telekinesis. Piper has the time of her life there, making friends and playing games...but she soon realizes things there are too good to be true and that she has been trapped in the most dangerous place she has ever been.

When first seeing this novel, I was intrigued by the cover illustration, which depicts an amazing chapter that blew my mind. While reading this, I realized that I closely related to the minor character, Daisy, who was an incredibly sweet girl who tried to help her friends in whatever way possible. This novel made me feel like I could pursue anything I wanted to and be able to help others. I laughed, cried, celebrated, and grieved while reading this book because it put me in the position of the characters.

Victoria created an amazing atmosphere, putting me in the story and taking me on a fantastic adventure. I have not read the sequel, The Boy Who Knew Everything, but I do plan to in the near future.

I would rate this novel a 5 for its incredible content and for the brilliance of Victoria’s imagination.

Editor's note: We have book one, but we don't yet have the sequel. However, after this review, it is on order!

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