Monday, November 2, 2015

Teen Review: Eragon

by Christopher Paolini
544 pages
Series: Inheritance
Reading Level: Middle School - High School

Reviewed by R.M.


This book lays the groundwork for Christopher Paolini’s trilogy about a young lad named Eragon in a land called Alagaesia. The story follows Eragon as he discovers a blue dragon egg out in the forest. Soon enough, he develops a bond with the newborn dragon, whom he names Saphira, and becomes one of the the first dragon riders of the modern era (the former order of dragon riders vanished). Eragon’s life is forever changed when he finds out that other parties are after the same dragon egg and that the mere presence of the dragon egg is a beacon of danger for those around him. Eragon sets off on a quest, accepting the help of a mysterious storyteller known only as Brom. Together, they uncover the truth about dragon riders and get caught in a rebellion against the evil king, Galbatorix.


Christopher Paolini was about 15 or 16 when he started writing Eragon. While his writing technique is excellent, his imagination is, suffice it to say, still that of a young teen. The storyline and its fictional events remind me of a time when my brother and I imagined and played with powers that progressed with a story line. Sometimes the events are rushed to the point that if you look at the big picture,you’d think: “Oh so he can do that now? Just like that? All right. Cool. What else can he do after a few chapters?” It was very much like watching a kid with too much power so he equips his favorite characters with overpowering abilities. If I had read the series at a much younger age, I would have bought its antics, for I would have thought the same way and I wouldn’t have been able to get enough of it.

This book is recommended for those who love dragons, the mystic world, and medieval weaponry. It has a moderate number of plot twists that will keep the readers guessing about a character’s real motives.

Rating: 3.9

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