Friday, November 6, 2015

Book Club Report

Fourteen of our 20 10-12 Book Club members attended Tuesday night's meeting (band practice strikes again!) to discuss Lexicon, by Max Barry. Everyone agreed that the concept was fascinating, and some really liked the book, which they described as exciting, but most found the way Barry dealt with the jumps back and forth between viewpoints and time periods quite confusing. Several would have given the book a much higher rating but for the ending of the book, which they thought was "wimpy." The final rating was a 7.

Next month, the club will read The Martian, by Andy Weir. Ryan is peeved with the club, because we have been proposing but not choosing The Martian for months now, and he says we could have been trend-setters but now that the movie's out and we're reading it, we're just a bunch of sheep. [smiley face]

Contrary to the usual practice of nominating many books and having to vote three times, the club almost unanimously chose to read Ketchup Clouds, by Annabel Pitcher, in January. The only other nomination was Proxy, by Alex London, which we will add to our "to be read" file.

Thirteen of our 19 members of 8+9 Book Club came on Wednesday night to talk about Reckless, by Cornelia Funke. We specially asked them to read the book for November because Cornelia will be our special guest at Book Cafe this month, where she will talk about the third book in the Mirrorworld series, The Golden Yarn. (This program is for teens in grades
6-12 only!) For a few members this was a reread, because all three clubs read Reckless and Fearless a couple of summers ago, but no one seemed to mind. Everyone agreed that the beginning of the book is disconcerting because you feel like you've been dropped in the middle of a story (one person even checked Goodreads to see if we had mistakenly given her a sequel!),
but once they got into it, all but one were completely engaged by it, and the final rating was 8.5.

Next month we are shifting gears to read a contemporary science fiction novel, Variant, by Robison Wells; and in January the club chose Gone, by Michael Grant.

Other books we considered:

Famous Last Words, by Katie Alender
Don't Look Back, by Jennifer Armentrout
The Dead, by Charlie Higson
Far, Far Away, by Tom McNeal
The 5th Wave, by Rick Yancey

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