Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Teen Review: Realistic Fiction (sort of...)

by John Corey Whaley
338 pages
Realistic fiction / Science Fiction
Not part of a series

Grade 9 and up

Reviewed by Shadowmancer, grade 8

Travis Coates is dying, plain and simple. After months with a deadly cancer, he has exhausted every cure his family could find, and is willing to face the facts. So when one doctor recommends having his head (the only part of him not infected by cancer) cryogenically frozen until technology is good enough to attach him to another body, he agrees, believing it will never happen. But to his surprise, he wakes up to find the procedure has worked and he now has a second chance at life.

The only problem? Well, it’s only been five years (not decades, like he was expecting), and his best friend Kyle is in college, his parents have grieved and moved on, and his girlfriend Cate is engaged to someone else. How will Travis adjust to being 16 again while the rest of his world and the people of his old life have moved on?

This book is actually pretty interesting once you get into it, and it makes you wonder if our own technology will find a way to for us escape death like that and how those who try it will adjust to living again. For those of you who loved The Fault in Our Stars, I suggest you take a look at this one, since it holds quite a few of the same elements such as the trauma of knowing someone you care about has cancer and how the affliction can hurt more than just the victim.

The writing itself is well done, and I can applaud Whaley’s creative and emotional plot since this book makes you want to cry even when you don’t think it will. I don’t even really like realistic fiction, but this book got my attention and I gave it a shot. The cover is great. Overall, if you take a chance on this book I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

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