Saturday, October 3, 2015

Teen review: Mystery sequel

Hide and Seek
by Jane Casey
288 pages
YA mystery
Part of a series
For 7th grade and above

Reviewed by Patrick Castro, grade 12

I greatly enjoy the Jess Tennant series, but the third book was a bit overshadowed by the first two. I loved the second one, but the third one just felt flat. It was good, but I wished it was more complex in terms of mystery and plot. Ultimately, it turned out a great read and definitely still worth picking up, to see how everything in Jess's life turns out.

Hide and Seek just by the title relates to a lot of what goes on in the novel. It is Christmas in Port Sentinel, and the mystery begins when one of Jess's classmates is kidnapped and held in a cottage near a beach. The tensions in the novel were intense and everything moved pretty quickly. Jess is just as great a protagonist as she is in the previous books, and in this one, she deals a lot more with her emotions towards Will and family circles. Casey does a great job with weaving together a mystery, but also exploring Jess and her emotions.

I'd have to say that although the mystery of the novel was bit cliche, I didn't suspect who did what until the very end. I wish Casey had added more plot to the whole novel; things just needed to be more developed. The action was okay, nothing super crazy, just was hoping for more out of Jess and her incredible abilities to rescue people and solve mysteries. It almost seemed too easy...

But overall, I enjoyed reading the finale to the Jess Tennant series! It was a quick and simple book and goes straight to the point. Be sure to pick this one up if you're reading the Jess Tennant series or looking for a new mystery series to start!

Editor's Note: Burbank Public Library doesn't have this book yet, but it is on order. We do have the previous two books in the series, though (How to Fall, and Bet Your Life), so you can read those while you wait!


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