Thursday, October 22, 2015


We had big fun at Northwest Branch on Wednesday afternoon, making commemorative Dia de los Muertos ofrendas in Altoids tins with a great group of teens! Everyone really got into making theirs both attractive and representative. There was much creative use of glitter glue (as Anarda says, "What's a day without glitter?"), and the stories they told were precious mementos.


We didn't get photos of everyone as they came and went, but there's pretty good documentation in an album on the Burbank Public Library Teen Page on Facebook, so go have a look! And as is typical for any teen program, 14 kids signed up, half of those didn't come, but a bunch more who didn't sign up came anyway, so we ended up with somewhere between 17 and 20--we're not really sure, because some came early, made their ofrenda quickly, and left; some came at the last minute; and some stayed the entire time and made two! The Spanish teacher at Providence High even gave extra credit to teens who participated. It was fun being crafty with you!

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