Monday, August 3, 2015

Teen reviews: Savannah Reid-fest!

Kayla, grade 11, continues with the Savannah Reid mystery series by G. A. McKevett! She is as addicted to these books as Savannah is to sweets!

Sour Grapes
249 pages
Adult mystery series, recommended for grade 10 and up

Ex-cop turned private investigator Savannah Reid is the epitome of sassy. She is a woman in her mid-40s, with cobalt-blue eyes, dark brown curly hair that falls in ringlets, and voluptuous curves. In her latest adventure, her baby sister, Atlanta, comes knocking on her door. There is a beauty pageant in town, and Atlanta is one of many competitors. Savannah is hired as security at the pageant and soon finds out how ugly the process behind the pageant can be. But when one of the girls goes missing, can Savannah find her before it's too late?

I have read quite a few of these books now, and I can truly say that each book is better than the last. How did I find this series, you ask? I was looking through the mystery section in the library and all I kept seeing was a bunch of boring covers and titles. Then I grabbed one out that was bright and had a cute and sassy name, and I've been hooked ever since. Not only are the titles outrageously catchy, but the cover art is to die for (pun intended). If you have read any of these books, then you know that Savannah loves her cats, Cleopatra and Diamante. On the cover of each book, is a picture of a cat near whatever food is in the title. For example, on the cover of Sour Grapes, there is a black kitty with a tiara squishing grapes near a satin pageant sash. How could it get any better than that?

I rate this as a 5.

Death by Chocolate
248 pages

Adult mystery series, recommended for grade 10 and up

Savannah Reid is at it again, and this time it's more fun than ever! She has been hired to be a bodyguard for her idol, the queen of chocolate, Lady Eleanor. Lady Eleanor has been receiving death threats, and it's Savannah's job to find out who is sending them. However, there are quite a few suspects because most people who know Eleanor want to see her dead! And Savannah is finding out that Lady Eleanor might even deserve these threats. Can this talented and sassy P.I. stop the threats before they become a reality??

I really liked this book. The amount of detail is just enough so that the reader can visualize everything without feeling like the author is droning on. This book made my mouth water with all the talk of chocolate and other sweets. I can't wait to read the rest of the series...but I am going to be so sad when it's finished. I have grown so attached to the characters that they are almost like family now.

I rate this book as a 5.

Bitter Sweets
311 pages

Adult mystery series, recommended for grade 10 and up

Savannah Reid loves her work even though it's not exactly steady. Savannah gets a somewhat easy case this time. She is employed to find the estranged sister of a real estate broker. However when she finds her, strange things start to happen and Savannah finds herself right smack in the middle of a murder case! With the help of her assistant, Tammy, and her ex-partner, Detective Dirk Coulter, who is still on the police force, Savannah hopes to find the murderer before he or she strikes again.

This book was amazing. The whole series never fails to disappoint. Although I love all the characters, Savannah is probably my favorite. I love how the author describes her. She also has such a cloud of confidence that always surrounds her and it's catching.

I rate this book as a 5.

Peaches and Screams
301 pages

Adult mystery series, recommended for grade 10 and up

Savannah is happy to be going back to Georgia...if only if wasn't to attend her sister Marietta's third wedding. But at least she gets to see her beloved Granny Reid. However, when she gets there, she finds out that her younger brother, Macon, is in jail for the murder of a well known judge in the town. Savannah is shocked, but she is even more surprised when Tammy and Dirk show up to help catch the real killer! Can they catch him or her before Savannah's brother goes to jail for good??

Savannah's family is the most outrageous, ridiculous, but lovable literary family I have ever read about! They have almost more sass than the reader can handle, and you can almost hear their sweet Southern accents as you read along. Not to mention that they all are named after towns in Georgia, which is so great. I highly recommend the books in this series to anyone and everyone because I cannot put them down!!

I rate this book as a 5.

Cereal Killer
247 pages

Adult mystery series, recommended for grade 10 and up

Savannah is helping her ex-partner Dirk on one of his cases (as usual), when he gets a call about the death of a plus-size model. She happens or rather, happened, to be one of Savannah's role models. However, it looks like an accident caused by an extreme diet. But when another model ends up dead, Dirk and Savannah start to think that neither of the deaths are accidental. Can they find the killer before another model ends up dead?

This book had me on the edge of my seat the whole time. I could not figure out who the killer was, it was a total surprise. I also love the punny name. In the book there was a serial killer, but the title is "Cereal Killer" and anyone who reads the book knows that it does indeed have to do with cereal. I love these books and I can't wait to read more!!!

Editor's note: Kayla, I don't think you are the only one who loves the puns! G. A. McKevett must have fun thinking those up...

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